3 January 2009

3 January 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the genesis block for Bitcoin. Satoshi’s gift to the world was the creation of a protocol for digital scarcity that will help change the World for the better.

“Vires in Numeris”

…is a vivid and striking creation by Mario Sanchez Nevado (aegis-strife.net).  This artwork celebrates the birth of Bitcoin on 3 January 2009, and is layered with symbolism.

The digital goddess is freed from her shackles with the creation and adoption of Bitcoin.  Satoshi Nakamoto’s game-theoretic and cryptographic genius has digitized the immutability and scarcity of gold, as depicted by her golden raiments resolving into digital bits.

The coin is offered, like the fire of Prometheus, bursting with the light of a new paradigm bringing us out of the darkness of censorship.  

Across the Earth, and even into space (thanks Blockstream), decentralized nodes transmit their trustless and permissionless data from peer-to-peer.  Behind the goddess we see the dawn of a new day.

Bitcoin offers us a superior technology for storing and transmitting value.  As we choose to adopt it, we are choosing the separation of money from state. Our numbers are growing, and there is “strength in numbers”.